Saltlick Smokehouse and the Ongoing Dueck Family Food War

Believe it or not, Kirstin and I have been in a relationship now for over 9 years and the number of times we’ve been “mad” with each other can be tallied up on one hand—or maybe two… but who’s counting.

Adding a child into the mix has created a bit more of general tension in different areas from time to time—it’s easy to get defensive about parenting—but we’ve noticed that our biggest point of contention over the years has involved food. A big reason for this is that Kirstin has a much more sophisticated palate and enjoys variety while I am basic and could eat the same thing multiple times in a row.

So when I say I don’t care what we eat, what I really mean is that I don’t care what we eat within my more limited boundaries of food enjoyment. And when she says she doesn’t care, it means that it shouldn’t be too similar to something we’ve had recently. Now, we add another little set of taste buds into the mix and need I say more—the struggle is very real.

When we go out to eat, we typically lean towards pizza, pasta or sushi and have a few spots that we seem to stick to already in town. But with our new focus on intentional wandering and exploring Hamilton, we thought it would be best to try something new. As a family, we hadn’t “gone out” to eat in a while so we decided to enjoy a night out and headed to James Street. We started on South and couldn’t make up our minds, driving all the way up past Mulberry. We found a parking spot right in front of Saltlick Smokehouse and decided to do a quick Google search.

Reviews were good and meat was on the menu… Asher loves meat.

We’re not going to pretend we’re food critics (after all, I’ve already shared that my palate needs to grow up a little), but want to give respect when due and comment when we’ve been able to enjoy a piece of our city.

Saltlick Smokehouse

They have a neat little system where you order as a group, choosing the meats and sides you want, and they bring out quantities that are appropriate for your table. In the end, you pay per person.

We chose the three meats, two sides option at $26 per person.

  • Meats: jerk chicken with mango coleslaw, beef brisket, flat iron steak
  • Sides: roasted potatoes, stuffed, triple-baked potatoes

The place was kid friendly and the service was awesome. Our waiter struck up a conversation with Asher (something you love seeing as a parent) and brought him a monster truck, toy lizard, and two plastic cows to help pass the time while we waited. You could also see the kitchen and Asher enjoyed watching the fire as the chef was cooking up a storm.

Welcoming, friendly service and great food were the highlights for sure. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and we’ll make sure to go back in the future.

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