New Name. New Adventures.

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Attach + Wander.

For those of you who didn’t know, we used to blog from time to time about our journey to becoming a family through international adoption (here is the link if you’re interested in checking it out here). In September of 2015, we came to the end of that journey when we officially adopted our son Asher in South African court.

The day that the court in South African made us a family of three.

After becoming parents, we took a break from blogging for a while for a few reasons—mainly because life got incredibly busy. On top of trying to get into the groove of becoming first-time parents, we moved from Toronto and bought a house in Hamilton that needed some work.

As a family, we are in a unique place—and I’m not talking about geography (although might also be the case). We started the adoption process when we first got married and spent the majority of our first years together in what Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, The Places You’ll Go describes as the waiting room. We found ourselves, “…waiting for a Yes or a No” for much of that time. Now that the process is over, we have a blank canvas to reinvent ourselves and choose what direction we want to head in as a family. Truthfully, it brings feelings of both excitement and anxiety. 

“Attach + Wander can be summed up in these four words: Family. Simplicity. Intentional wandering.”

Attach + Wander is about realizing we can’t have it all (free time, money, independence) but we can strive for balance. About realizing we only get one shot at this life. It’s about setting ambitious goals and knowing that they might not all come true. About all of the good and bad that come with the decisions we make. It’s about simple living and counting our blessings.

But mostly, it’s about putting family first while enjoying the moments that each new day brings. As a family, we’re attempting to make our wandering a little more intentional by keeping our eyes open to all that is around us. 

In short, Attach + Wander can be summed up in these four words: Family. Simplicity. Intentional wandering.

If any of those resonate with you, let’s connect and move forward together.




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