About the Blog


Attach + Wander is about realizing we can’t have it all (free time, money, independence) but we can strive for balance. About realizing we only get one shot at this life. It’s about setting ambitious goals and knowing that they might not all come true. About all of the good and bad that come with the decisions we make. It’s about simple living and counting our blessings.

But mostly, it’s about putting family first while enjoying the moments that each new day brings. As a family, we’re attempting to make our wandering a little more intentional be keeping our eyes open to all that is around us.

In short, Attach + Wander can be summed up in these four words: Family. Simplicity. Intentional wandering.


We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.  Or at least that’s what we tell our two-and-a-half-year-old son all of the time. And for now, he’s good with it.

It won’t always be this way though. Soon, he’ll probably want to take a little break from hanging out with his folks all the time. But for now, we do our best to enjoy these moments—because now is all we ever truly have.

There were many unexpected twists along the way, but our family came together through adoption in 2015. The journey required both short- and long-term sacrifices and, as anyone who’s already a parent will know, choosing to have your heart running around out in the world has forever changed our lives…and budget. 

“Enjoy these moments—because now is all we ever truly have”

Join us as we navigate our way through being first-time parents and try to remember what it was like to have some disposable income.

Attach and Wander can be summed up in a few words: Family. Simplicity. Intentional wandering. It’s the foundation of our lives—and this blog. Through it, we hope you’re able to find some inspiration, a bit of a community, and a laugh from time to time.

Kirstin + Joshua


Kirstin is currently loving being on full-time mom duty (most days). It’s a decision that they made so she could spend as much time as possible with their son Asher before he’s off to school. Also, as someone who works with kids, the thought of spending your days with other people’s children while paying someone to be with yours didn’t  make much sense.

As if outings, playdates, around-the-house shenanigans, and being an Airbnb Super Host doesn’t keep her busy enough, she currently uses nap time to work on upgrading to a degree in Child and Youth care. While always passionate about travel and adventure, she has recently found new aspects of everyday life to fall in love with—like specialty coffee, do-it-yourself home projects, and iPhone photography.


Joshua is coming off a two-year stint at a boutique advertising agency in media strategy, copywriting and client services. Now currently self-employed, he picks up a variety of photography, design, and advertising projects through a small, full-service digital marketing and advertising agency called Bakesale.

Talk to him and you’ll quickly realize he is passionate about advertising, creativity, storytelling, and non-profit causes—but his first priority is family. When he’s not reading books and making cookies with his son, or sharing a glass of red wine with Kirstin, he likes to work on upping his kiteboarding and whisky nosing game.